Monday, July 10, 2017

"Survivor's Guilt" - Drop The Girl

Favorite Track: Denial

Drop The Girl are a pop punk band from Virginia. Their debut EP, titled "Survivor's Guilt," came out on June 23rd, 2017. Each song on here shows a lot of emotion; from the vocals to the instrumentation to the lyrics. The opening track, "Heaven," shows a glimpse of what this band sounds like and I was impressed by their sound from the start. I thought their sound made them catch my eye and after hearing this track, I definitely wanted to hear the rest of the EP. The song touches slightly on the topic of religion, particularly in the beginning of the song. This song is a fairly bitter track lyrically, along with the third track, "Broken Bones," which is definitely a more pop punk leaning track. "Home," is fast paced and has incredible instrumentation. The instrumentation is very prominent and it's great to hear each part very clearly. The fact that each part is as good as it is is an added bonus. I would say the last two tracks are the most emotional on here, especially lyrically. "Denial" talks about addiction, a person refusing help and that person thinking that they're not addicted. "White Lines," which is probably the heaviest song on here vocally, seems to be about the memory of losing someone and trying to cope with it. I loved this EP a lot, especially the emotion that was put into it and was shown on each track. I surely see myself coming back to it in the future.

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