Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"An Appeal To Heaven" - The Death In Me

“An Appeal To Heaven” by The Death In Me is a shadowy tunnel that leads to a beautiful promised land of prodigious Hardcore.  The Death In Me has an absolutely alluring amalgam of Melodic Hardcore and Chaotic Metalcore, leaving listeners wanting to start a mosh pit wherever they hear it.  From the violent, anarchic guitars in “GLOOM” that ignite the beginning of the album, to the mighty yet melodic “EVERGREEN” which concludes this masterpiece of metal, to the soul-piercing screams of vocalist Greg Johnston featured thoroughly throughout the entire album, “An Appeal To Heaven” is unarguably a Hardcore wet dream.  Picking a favorite track off this release is very difficult because the album is so exceptional that picking one song would seem unfair to all the others, nevertheless it was the breakdown in “DRAGGING CHAINS” that really stuck out to me.  Just when you think this ferocious canticle might be coming to a calm, harmonious end, The Death In Me turn it up to eleven and kick you in the stomach with a vicious break down that leaves you with a smile on your face and heavy anticipation to jump into the pit at one of their next shows.  The Death In Me may be a Christian band, but you don’t have to love God to love their music.  All and all this album blew me away, and deserves nothing short of complete adoration.

Watch the music video for their song "EVERGREEN"
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"An Appeal To Heaven" comes out 6/28/2017
FOR FANS OF: Silent Planet, Norma Jean, Knocked Loose
Carter Amundson

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